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After 13 months on the atoll, I left on an LCM with 71 Transport & Plant Troop of 28 Field Engineer Regiment. We left Christmas Island on Sunday August 25th 1957 on the T.S.Empire Clyde - arriving at Liverpool docks Sunday September 29th 1957. I was into my third year with the sappers. (Unknown to all of us squaddies, on the 8th November a 1.8 Megaton massive H bomb would be exploded just to the south of Port London in clear view from the beach of Christmas Island - bigger bombs to follow.)
Two months before The Bomb. On a welcome leave at Oahu, Fort De Russey, Honolulu (via aircraft carrier H.M.S. Warrior) March 1957 with 64 Field Park Sqn - Stores Troop. We could only afford one beer each in the night club; poor in contrast with wealth of some U.S. marines we met on their way out to Tokyo. ... That’s me second right.