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The author has a unique collection of materials on top of published works.

Social History and Documentary text material and illustrations which are also available include:

  • Over 100 Sussex (East and West) pictures, text and captions of Poor Houses and Workhouses (1980s)
  • Over 100 UK Asylums and Long Term Psychiatric Institutions (1980s)
  • Social Work History (1970s – 1990s)
  • Wartime memories, including experience of life in a Spurgeons Orphan Home, with pictures,  and The Evacuation (1939 – 1951)
  • Experiences on Christmas Island and with the Hydrogen Bomb (H.M. Forces) including a considerable cache of Army pictures (1956 – 1957)
  • Considerable Archive of other related ephemera.
  • Genealogy Tree (Hopper and Manton)

Rough Draft Library now available.

A selection of the authors’ earlier drafts is now available in PDF format from this website, in his ‘rough draft’ library. These also include unpublished (as yet) works in progress, as well as copies of his press releases. Click on the titles below to open the relevant documents in your browser, or right click on pc, and choose ‘Save Target As’ if you wish to refer to a copy or print pages later. (Mac users Ctrl-Click the links, and choose ‘Save Link As’.)

Currently available (January 2019) is:

Institution (Rough Draft) – Now Updated and Published as Squaddie, Blitz and The Bomb – Click HERE to download PDF version.

Full PRESS PACK Now Also Available, with reviews, press releases and book cover pictures – Click HERE to download (ZIP format, 10Mb)

Better Court Than Coroners Volume I (Published 2011)

Recently completed, (over 30 years in the writing), unpublished non-fiction genre “Better Court Than Coroners” (BCTC): memoirs of life and times, living and working in and out of a long-term UK psychiatric hospital (aka. asylum) – over 100 years. Unpretentious, avoiding hyperbole, its real life narrative describes, bound-together, staff and patients day-to-day life and commentary, self-questioning existence. Whilst working within hospital, the author reflects on his life – and on those who contributed and controlled – lives of the people about the asylum community.

During the 20th Century excellent western (in English) literature has been written about mental hospitals, visiting patients and staff – suffering mental illness – insanity, shellshock (PTSD) and accused malingerers….. Regeneration (UK)……. Human Traces (UK)…… One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (US)…… Faces in The Water (NZ)…… Beyond The Glass (UK)…… Snakepit (US)….. Return of the Soldier (UK)…… and others. And, of course, annual plethoras of articles, dissertations, documentaries; demanded for and by scholars, and their pupils….. clinical work, politics, for social historians. And the public….

Contrary to popular belief, this work, Better Court Than Coroners (BCTC) dispels the myth of coldness, cruelty and horror unjustly associated with treatment of mental illness and the mentally disabled.

BCTC memoirs has been written for anyone interested in any long term state institution over 100 years.

BCTC is written in two parts: each of which deliberately complements the other – yet complete in itself. The first part (the narrative) is the longest – with its own notes, references and sources – and two indexes. The second part has been compiled from “factual” material per se – and hopefully may provide  now, and in the future, a fruitful source of research material for anyone truly interested in the subject of a duty of care for the mentally ill and disabled – and their carers. It is also and encomium to Graylingwell Hospital, Chichester, UK – which is now closed.

If any reader is more than passing curious, please ask for a complementary Synopsis, and DVD and booklet (1997) opening, on the new fuller work “Better Court Than Coroners” (Volumes I and II).

Please note that copies of Volume I and Volume II are now available from the West Sussex County Records Office, and locally from Kim’s Bookshop, as well as online from most major book sellers.

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