Tales of a Caremaker released for Amazon Kindle

Tales of a Caremaker just released for Kindle

Non-fiction memoirs of a registered mental nurse and social worker, Barone Hopper. The anecdotes are taken from various periods throughout his career in the Sussex and surrounding area. Please note that names have been changed, for reasons of privacy, with the the exception of the included tale from George Stewart Pople, the ‘Relieving Officer’ for the Bognor Regis area.

The tales paint a picture of circumstances that can happen to all people, from all walks of life, told in Barone Hopper’s ‘down to earth’ style. They are not sensationalised, nor do they need to be, as they stand on their own merits.

To purchase the book for your Kindle, click HERE to be redirected to Amazon (in the UK only, overseas readers will need to use the appropriate Amazon web site)


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